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  1. A5 & S5 Topics
    I just got this b8 Audi s5 4.2 liter v8 manual transmission. After about 2 weeks of owning it it threw a code about something about the fuel rail. I didn’t think much about it and cleared the code. Few days later I realize that my gas mileage dropped way more than usual. Getting 6-7mpg average...
  2. New Users & Car Anticipation
    Hi guys, Hasan here with my car Audi S5 V8 2011 US edition. Enjoy the pics! Also active on Instagram: @dutchs5 Gr, Hasan
  3. RS5 General Q&A
    Hello Audi community! I’m happy to say that after years of thinking about what car I wanted next, I finally decided on an Audi RS5 from 2013, so the 4.2 V8 version of this car. I picked one up with 50k miles, drove it to about 60k, and now I’m looking for more power. I know I could clean up the...
1-3 of 3 Results