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  1. Audi A5 2012 Sline

    So guys, this is my first post and here's my Black Audi A5 S-Line 2012, had a few things done like a custom Induction Kit put on And a RS5 gill fitted and Tinted WIndows hope you guys like it, if you have any suggestions how i could make it look better please message me
  2. A5 General Q&A
    I realize there is a thread with people posting pictures of any model year A5s, but here in America we don't have the joy of being able to see face lifted models until this summer! I have already called Audi and placed a deposit on the future model and I can't wait. I have seen no more than a...
  3. A5 Performance & Mods
    Hi All I would like to enable the hidden menu on on my A5. The main reason is I would like to enable the audi drive select. My A5 is a 2litres S-line 2012 model, with MMI 3G(Google).The interface is so diferent from my old A5s and also there is no Setup button. Any ideas? Has anyone tryed...
  4. New Users & Car Anticipation
    Hi all, Just waiting on the final few weeks for my A5 2012 1.8 black edition in ibis white with tech pack high, comfort package and heated front seats. Build week is week 48, so hopefully delivery in time for Christmas :D This forum is just about the only thing keeping me going in these final...
  5. A5 & S5 Topics
    Hi, I'm about to spec and order the facelifted 2012 A5 Sportsback, and I'm having trouble selecting the color :-) Have you found videos/pics of the Cuvée Silver, Glacier White and Ice Silver A5? My dealer doesn't have a Cuvée yet.
  6. Audi Lounge
    Oh my...the A7...this one might just rock the car world like the A5. Audi's touring the US showing off the 2012 A7 and the new A6. Missed the Dallas party for their unveiling, but, Boardwalk in Plano has a big bad black A7 and it is stunning in person. Pictures do NOT do this car justice. I...
1-6 of 6 Results