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  • Jonse ·
    Hi There,

    Read an thread where you recommend the IPE over Armytrix. Do you still stand by that? I'm in the mix of getting a few quotes on both but after reading a bad review on the armytrix, im swaying towards IPE.

    Any help would be great.

    Cheers Ryan
    Juan21msu ·
    Hey, I was thinking about going with the cv3's on my A5 with an offset of 10.5 x 20 in the rear and 9 x 20 in the front. I saw on a past thread that you have or had this setup, would you happen to have any pics of it and any advice? Thanks.
    Dorris5 ·
    Hey I love the stance of your car. Did you lower it at all or is that factory hight with your 20s? If you did lower it I would be interested in how much and what suspension set up you used. Thanks for your time.
    gracing2000 ·
    hi spinner, i got the pes sc and wanted to know what else to u recommend to do for adding more power but keeping reliabilty? you once mentioned the water meth kit and maybe pes has an sc upgrade now? please let me know
    Manor50 ·
    Hey, Matt. How's things. You still got the S5?

    As you know, mine went about 3 years ago, traded for a Jeep SRT-8, that went about a year later and got myself a 997 C2S and an A4 for work! Still got the A4 but the 997 has gone and am now the proud owner of an Ibis white R8, fully loaded, carbon bits everywhere. Off down to see Ed at APS in a couple of weeks to get a Stasis exhaust fitted, so if you happen to be around would be good to meet up again and see what other delights now bestowe your S5!!

    Manor50 ·
    Let me know how thisngs develop. I'm not convinced about spending £500 for someone to plug a laptop into your car and then unplug it 90 mins later. I asked Joe what he thought and got the following response:

    Hi Andy, very pleased to hear you're loving the Jets! Interesting re. the re-map. When I leaped into the car at APS and hooned-off, it immediately felt more responsive, more lively, tractable, and generally harder-edged. However, you quickly get used to these things so after a few days, I can't say that the latent effect is 'dramatic' - it's more a subtle thing. But subjectively speaking, the car does feel different - definitely better. Hard to put your finger on it but in short, I think it's worth every penny.

    You off the the provisional meet in August? If the KWs are available then I may get them done. More interested in drilled brake discs at the moment.
    chrisH ·
    Thanks for Saturday. It was good to meet like minded people and it proved very useful.
    Await your follow up.
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