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  1. Mapping is it worth it?

    A5 Performance & Mods
    Hello mate and welcome on board, lucky devil that you are not spending your own dosh!! I would personally suggest NOT to map anything until the car has some miles on and also out of warranty, as these things CAN be complicated. I dont have your engine so there will be others along soon and or...
  2. Caramics

    Fergus, in your opinion now that a few days have passed so your stunning car has been exposed to the elements again, was this project worth all of the effort? Do you now see an increased resistance to muck and rain and the inevitable bird shit?? Thanks and ps she looks amazing....
  3. Slow Burn

    Build Threads
    You need to cover the chassis with ACF50 or WD40, I do that with my old van and she still looks good after 11 years....
  4. A5 Replacements

    A5 General Q&A
    The official dealers are also known as stealers, and there is good reason. They dont really give a blind f**k about your car they just want yer money!! Get to a good independent service guy who knows the VW/Audi cars and HE will look after you for sure.....
  5. Hanif: Meth-Injected Supercharged V8 Facelifted + Mods

    Build Threads
    Hanif mate she looks totally STUNNING!!!! Well done mmmmmm.
  6. Audi A5

    A5 General Q&A
    Er well to be honest you need to do some more extensive reading on here.......
  7. Start-Stop

    S5 General Q&A
    Hehe well are they really that intelligent????? Or is the stop start sensor sent into overdrive when its wet???? Haha dunno.....
  8. New Owner - B8 S5

    New Users & Car Anticipation
    Blimey she looks stunning!!!! Well done....
  9. Active suspension.

    S5 General Q&A
    Even if you bought a car WITH it then you can surely disable it thro the software????? Dave???
  10. S5 Coolant Temp

    S5 General Q&A
    Sounds like you need a new thermostat, a classic and well know crap part on an otherwise fantastic car!!!
  11. Loose part hanging after Audi garage work

    A5 General Q&A
    Good work from the professionals as usual!! Ask them!!!!
  12. Things you Hate about your a5

    A5 General Q&A
    The fact that in this bloody country a 3.2 is considered a b*****y luxury car and therefore taxed to the hilt....
  13. New to me 2010 A5 Do preemptive maintenance or wait for her to blow?

    A5 General Q&A
    Er read some posts on here mate......
  14. Happy to be back with Audi A5

    New Users & Car Anticipation
    Welcome back!!!
  15. Brakes. Pad and rotor upgrades

    A5 General Q&A
    Hello all. I agree with the above reply and I would simply fit the best you can afford. I fitted a full set of Brembo rotors and pads to my 3.2 and she felt loads better (even tho the standard ones were ok too). You must ensure that you fit "matching" rotors and pads in other words pad compound...