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  • Dustin Dillard ·
    Hey, I could really use a hand with my A6, a few days ago i had a dead battery and now my car has been in limp mode and its driving me nuts. im ordering a vag com but thats still a paycheck away, any chance you could help me do a tpa so i can get back on the road? 230-6509
    ryant90 ·
    hi there, iam wondering if you able to help me, ive got a 2010 audi a5 with a 2g mmi system fitted (i think its the 2g has its not got the little joystick in the middle of the navigation Knob) its currently running version



    is there any updates for this firmware? and are there any mods i can do to this system?

    kind regards
    gandalf ·
    hi can you help my son buoght a a5 sline sportback 2010 no sat nav i downloaded software to sd card it worked for about five mins tjhen said blocked i reset the mmi twice but it all went blank even the wheel controls ive looked at fuses all ok but i noticed that the clock has changed and the date is 2010 can you help thanks
    Simon h ·
    Amazed at your list re hidden menu, didn't realise what you could do
    I posted a message about being unable to load 2013 DVD for sat nav and was told the sat nav has the eject disabled and I would need to get code to unlock (dcds?)
    Is this something you might be able to help with as I couldn't see on your long list in hidden menu?
    Really appreciated
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