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  • MonsoonGray ·
    Hi JonnieB,

    I wanted to ask you about your Audi. It's really a great looking ride. You've done some great upgrades. Specifically, I was wondering if you could help me out on lighting and wiring. It seems like you know your way around the wiring in the A5. I have a 2012 lhd model (us)

    1. I'm trying to work on the under trim lighting project from this thread....
    I found that you did the led door red ambient lighting on your vehicle on another thread. I need to get [email protected] window switch illumination. I tried to wire up a 12v led and didn't get any light.
    + to pin Front: (T32 / Pin 4, blue/brown)
    Ground is all brown on pin 5 - t32 block

    2. I would like to somehow use a usb port that runs turns on and off with the lighting system. The usb port would need 5v. Tricky thing is to get enough power in the doors that's switched on with the lights. Window switch? Any ideas?

    SM42 ·

    I have a problem with my audi S5 from 2008.
    I facelifted my car and so replaced my audi s5 2008 pre facelift headlights (bi xenon drl with afs) by audi a5 facelift 2013 headlights (bi xenon drl with afs too). The problem is that my headlights have AFS so this function doesn't work.

    Do you have a solution please ?

    Many Thanks in advance.
    karimnacer ·
    Hello! Sorry for disturbing you but I saw your wonderful post about an A5 facelift conversion and I have a question if you please can help me.
    Do you need the headlight modules or can you use your old ones? It is my understanding that there are 3 modules each one controlling a function (DRL, xenons, etc).
    I have the option to buy the new ones with or without these modules and the price varies greatly.
    Thank you very much for your time!
    PhantomA5 ·
    Hi Jonnie,

    Hope you don't mind me reaching out.

    Noticed you'd change your grille and queried the PDC Mount numbers at the time. Was hoping I could call on your experience with this!

    I'm in a B8 2014 A5 Cab with Front sensors (S line). Looking at this grill

    Audi grill A5 RS5 2013 model | eBay

    Any idea on a parts number for the PDC Mount - Is that the only extra i need to purchase?


    AudiV8S5 ·
    Hey Jonnie,

    Really inspired by your facelift post. Buying a 2011 S5 next week and want to do the face lift. I believe the car I am getting has the bi-xenons so I should be good there.

    Do you have a list of parts you had to buy to do the conversion? Also, where can I get that beautiful front bumper you got? Looks great. I am in the States...thanks for any help.

    jlchin22 ·
    hi jonnie,

    seen that you already facelifted your car.
    im planning to facelift mine but im getting confuse on the headlight part number.

    where some told me , not all facelifted headlights fits or suits my car.
    audi a5 2010.

    please advice
    golfdeeko ·
    Hi Jonnie,

    Its Derek Clark here I sold you my black gloss grille a few years back. I've just bought a brand new black edition A5 Sportback and would like to change the front grill on it as it looks quite drab ! I noticed that you've fitted an rs grille can you assist me in any way ?

    Read ·
    Hi Jonnie, I have done headlight retrofit from 2010 to 2012 model. Both models are xenon non adaptive. I have even managed to sort out DRL working properly. However I got issue with the headlight range control. It seems power doesn't reach leveling motors v48 and v49 with fault codes 01535 and 01534. I have checked new motors and they are fine. When I plug back old lights faults are not there. I have even managed to plug old lights with the leveling motors from new lights just to see are they working and everything was fine. On old headlights there are 4 pins in switch that runs directly to motors. On new headlights one of those pins is not there however the leveling motor plug is the same as old shape. I mean when I look inside both headlights got same pin with 4 wires plugged into motor. Please if you have an idea how to resolve this will you share it with me? Thanks
    bluetone ·
    Hi Jonnie,

    We have spoken (written) to each other from time to time on this forum on a various number of occasions. I seems that great minds think a like and that you are installing things that I have already installed, and I am thinking about installing things that you have already installed.

    Anyway, to get to the point. I am thinking about installing the side sills that I saw from a thread that you have installed on your car.
    Now to continue our tradition, I am thinking about doing this on my car.
    I have already ordered the same side sills as you and now I am waiting to get them painted.

    Now to my question: Could you describe more in detail about how you attached them?
    I have found a good german pdf on the net describing where they should be fitted, but HOW? Did you use the plastic clips? What adhesive did you use?
    (I agree with what you wrote in the thread: I am NOT drilling holes in my car!)

    Best regards from Sweden,

    Scottydogg22 ·
    Hey...I'm new to this forum, and I saw a post you had for brake pad change on an S5. I have an 09 that I need to change the front rotors. You wouldn't happen to have an Elsawin guide for that do you?
    MikeCaffyn ·
    Jonnie - do you have any hints on removing rear bumper and boot trim of A5 - I need to fit a Westfalia towbar and cannot even get started - Thanks.
    Xukulat ·
    Hi there Jonnie!
    I've read in post here about faulty regulators and was mentioned a TSB that you have posted, would it be possible to have a look at it? I've searched but can't seem to find it.

    SoCoSteve ·
    No joy with motors , both working fine looking looks like door panel to come off, smashed glass on drivers side and can not get passenger side back in

    Oh the joys of motoring
    JonnieB ·
    Copied cd no problem I think.

    There are various folders on there. Just go through each and install programs.

    I will give Superchips one last chance and if they cant sort it I'm asking them for a refund and then I will need to source another remap. Will see how it goes.

    pm me your address and I will get it off to you Monday through work.

    Eazy808 ·
    Cheers JB, star man, cable now ordered! ;o) See how you get on burning it. If not, I'll PM my address. I'll make sure I look after it and send it back in same condition.

    ps. if you want, I could give you my mate's number (who does the remaps) maybe run through the issue with him, see what he suggests?

    JonnieB ·
    Hi M8.

    Been away a week so not had chance but will get it done later this summer.


    i will try burning a copy of my vcds cd if that doesnt work then i will send it to you and you can post it back when installed

    Eazy808 ·
    Hi JB,
    How you getting on with your remap issue? I'm hoping they've managed to sort it out?
    I need to ask a favour. You mentioned to me getting a cable for the VCDS. I had a quick look on Fleabay, but not sure the exact cable and the proce of these seems to vary quite a bit. Any advice would be appreciated. ;o)
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