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  • Mad ·
    Eh i sent a reply back Ian last night and it has vanished,strange :confused:

    Anyways if all goes to plan,friday or saturday of this week :D

    Then it is upgrade time again :)
    jenbutmad ·
    hello everyone :D now gents ive set up bebo i hope you come join if only to show off your cars :D ill cry if you dont cause i cant get on this site via my mobile :( well i can but its hard!!! peace out Jen xxxx
    Spinner ·
    And there's me thinking I'm gonna lose more brownie points saved up with Dani due to you getting me to spend more money and she's gonna buy em for me :D
    Mad ·
    Looking forward to next sat Ian,just got to decide if i get H & R or wait until i save more pennys and get the Kw Coilcover.
    So looks like will be Milktek,Pedals and possibly spacers and springs or will wait until have more money to get spacers and KW.
    Are you and Ess getting the KW fitted next sat or wont they be ready as Ed was saying something about next sat being a bit early.

    PinkPanther ·
    Yes that would be quite good. Takes me bout half hour to get to Corby from Oakham so could meet you in COrby bout 8ish? Assuming car will be ready but will find out for sure tomorrow as I pik up the A6 they lending me
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