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  • gruffle ·
    Bit more modest here, it's a Tesla 85D (aka milkfloat as Racks would call it)
    Doing 30K miles a year means I am in petrol stations 1-2 times/week.
    However charge overnight and/or at the office will cover almost all my requirements so range anxiety ought to be a non issue in my case.
    Got a bunch of toys too including the Autopilot, hence why I was interested in how well your S63 self driving was working.
    Going to try to keep it for a few years and the saving should really add up to offset the cost, plus I can get 20% off using AIA.

    Really fascinated to see how well it works out as it a helluva jump for a petrol head like me.
    The silence will be deafening, but it does goes extraordinarily quick so should still manage to keep a smile on my face.

    Thanks for the Paintshield link, did think it might be them you used as they have a good reputation.
    I'll look them up.

    gruffle ·
    Hi there

    Hope the Benz is still putting a smile on your face.

    Could I trouble you for a pointer to the company that did the XPel coating please.
    Thinking about getting my next one done.

    Best wishes, guy
    Dannyboy ·
    Horus hope u get this. Just 2 say thanks. Read ur mssg of items that now come standard on facelift rs so got on to audi uk. Long and short of it is they understand why im pissed off and are sending me a cheque for 2 grand to compensate for difference. happy days. wasnt fussed about headlight changes but hate being ripped off. anyhow thanks again 4 the post mate was a big help. c ya on the forum.
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