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  1. Vogtland Lowering Sprint Kit - Anyone with experience?

    A5 Performance & Mods
    Hi all, Im looking to buy a Lowering kit for my A5 coupe and came accross a Vogtland lowering kit. I know most people recommend H&R and Eibach, but anyone running Vogtland lowering springs? How is the ride comfort? Pros/Cons? Pics would be great! Thanks Harj
  2. Facelift LED tail light retrofit - Issue with Coding/adaptation

    A5 General Q&A
    Hi all, Hoping someone may be able to help me regarding coding in facelift LED tail lights to my facelift A5 coupe. My car - 2012 SE (Facelift) Coupe which came fitted with Standard Halogen Tail lights. I have used the following Adaptor to connect the new facelift lights and fitted it all in...
  3. A5 Prefacelift & Facelift Wing/Side Mirrors Retrofit

    A5 General Q&A
    Hi all, Just like to confirm this before i go and purchase some more bits and pieces. Can Prefacelift Coupe (07-11) wing/side mirrors be fitted to a facelift Coupe (12-16) ? Looking at pics they all look the same... Also , im sure its been discussed before but just to clarify, to retrofit...
  4. Cruise Control - Retrofit Guide B8.5

    A5 Performance & Mods
    Firstly, thanks to @V6thomas for this write up! Its been a huge help and allowed me to get cruise control fitted and working correctly on my b8.5 :) Just a quick note, i had some issues whilst doing the following - Meas. Blocks - 08] Group 033 Field 3 (Steering Angle Sensor -G85-)...
  5. B8 power fold mirrors retrofit to B8.5?

    A5 Performance & Mods
    Hi all, Just wondering if anyone can confirm whether the pre-facelift (B8) power fold mirrors would fit the B8.5? I have a B8.5 coupe, do i need to get mirrors off a coupe or would sportback/Cab mirrors also work? Can wing mirrors from a A3/A4 of the same generation also be fitted? They look...
  6. Audi a5 Sound System options

    A5 General Q&A
    Hi all, following on from the recent purchase of my 2012 A5, i had a question regarding the sound system. The midbass in my car has the silver Bang&Olufsen speaker grill's, whereas the mid and tweeter have plain black grilles with no B&O logo? Is this some sort of mid range sound system offered...