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  • atana5ov ·
    Hi Cuppa. I am new to the forum, own a 2012 3.0 TDI quattro S-Tronic SB. Absolutely love the car. I am not sure if you are the right person to address my question to, but as you organise the group buys of 034 Transmission Mount Inserts, I was hoping that you can tell me if that mount insert is suitable for my ride? Also, do you have any spare mounts left and if so can you ship to Bulgaria?

    Hope to hear back from you. All the best. Petko
    Dewar ·
    Hello Cuppa,

    Shortly after talking with you, I went over to KW and enquired about the springs and using a standard length.

    I was told by Alan Hook at KW that there maybe issues with extending the dampers if i were to use a normal/stock setup spring.

    I walked away wondering if what he said was actually true, or just a defensive response to someone who wants a more stock looking setup.

    Dewar ·
    Hello Cuppa,

    I just want to thank you for spending some to chat to me today at AITP, especially in relation to the KW (Rear) spring issues we talked about, but if you would, could you please remind me about the supplier of a longer spring, I think you mentioned Jabba, but I might be wrong.

    Oh and before i forget, you S5 sounds wonderful, so much so that I may try a track day myself, but I certainly can't remember the place you mentioned you went to, Brighton ?, nope I can't remember, so if you like to drop me reminder about that too.

    Thanks again...

    hypnoguy ·
    Hi Cuppa:

    Have read Daz-b rave about your carbon clean process. I have a '12 Coupe 4.2 V8 with 36,000 miles. I'm over here in the states, New Hampshire to be specific and want to know if you can refer me to someone here who uses your process. Any help is appreciated. Thanks
    warsaw ·

    danjwilson has suggested that you may have fitted (or had fitted) a JHM Solid Shifter. Just wondered if I could point you towards my question on the A5 mods forum here - I'm looking for the pitfalls of trying to do the job myself.

    Thanks in anticipation.

    mkm250680 ·
    Hi there,
    Admiring you car and was just wondering how much the matte wrap was if you don't mind me asking. Mine is a sportback with same wheels as yours and the matte just finishes it
    Many thanks
    shaunv6 ·
    Hi Cuppa,

    been going through your build thread and got a few questions.

    Im after a flat bottom steering wheel, but no one can tell me which one i need for my 2008 a5 (manual). can you help?

    im fairly new to the a5 game, only had it a few months and havent got stuck in yet (waiting till spring when the weather is nicer) but stocking suspension and wheels till then. still undecided if i need front upper control arms, as i want to run low so camber will help with clearance.

    What im struggling with is the MMI. how do i know which one i have and how to i upgrade it? whats the benefits tp upgrading it? (my a5 doesnt have sat nav)

    mcw543 ·
    Hello mate, read your thread regarding carbon cleaning with great interest. I've had a 2007 s5 for 6 months now and it's something I'm interested in having done. The garage I bought the car from have offered to do it for me at about £100 but to be honest I'd rather have an enthusiast, especially someone who has the same car as me, do it.
    I'm in Worksop, looks like I'm right on the edge of your coverage area. Do you cover here and if so, what would you charge for a fellow forum member ?
    Cheers, Marcus.
    Daveyk ·
    Adrian also we discussed the 'miss on idle' which you said there was a bulletin for. Can you let me have the details so I can talk to Audi about it please. Cheers Dave
    MCHandley ·
    Hi Cuppa

    I'm trying to make this AITP event this year could not make las years
    It looks like I'm too late to get a ticket.
    I will try to get to the Mcdonalds for 9.00am
    wolldav ·
    Hi Cuppa,

    got a question for you. I have a Audi A5 black Edition 2013. If I wanted to do some mods like turn on the alarm chirp etc. does that void my warranty?


    alexpps ·

    If we don't want to wait for the list to fill, can you source the part faster?

    Also I'm contemplating doing the facelift mod to my 2011 S5 and would like to get the Euro lights, can you source them? I don't have cornering and was told that these part numbers are the ones I need is this correct:


    Please let me know if you can and if the mod would be a success, obviously I would need bumper, grill, hood, and a few other minor pieces.

    And last what's your opinion on the rieger vs caracatere bumper on the facelift which one do you think is nicer?

    Sorry for all the questions, but I appreciate your response since you seem very knowledgeable.


    almostS50 ·
    Do you have any idea how to code the passenger seat detection out via vagcom, installing race seats and I'm getting fault codes because they don't recognize the passenger seat?
    Hope all is well
    ricky640163 ·
    Hi Cuppa , Tony S5 told me that you helped him do the rear RS5 bumper before he had his rear quarter panels changed ?? I'm looking to do the same , would I require to respray the quarters or would I be able to get away by getting the wings pushed out ??

    Many Thanks
    SiBA ·
    Hello Cuppa,

    I have bought an Audi TT steering wheel for my audi a5 s line 3.0 tdi quattro:

    Audi S Line A3 S3 A4 S4 A5 S5 A6 S6 A8 TT RS R8 Q5 Q7 Steering Wheel DSG Paddles | eBay

    But it won`t fit. I saw your topic about it and is it correct i need to buy this:


    And combine this harness with the one from the tt?
    But how do you solder it? How do you know what bits to solder together? And do you use the airbag from the TT?
    Thanks in advance!


    Cuppa ·
    I didn't find out a code, but did find out the price was ridiculous for the paint so just made my own colour.
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