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  • rinse ·
    hello, some time ago you sent me instructions to fix a leaking condensate drain under the carpet. i have started doing it. do i need to remove the carpets completely? i cant seem to pull the carpet back enough to see the drains. if so, how do i remove them? take out all seats and centre console? thanks in advance
    andys clifford ·
    Hey buddy, feel rude asking for this but im in the process of updating my mmi3g i have all the files apart from the activation.. is there anychance of sending a file for me... let me know what information you need.. [email protected]
    mcphile ·
    Hi Bro,
    I have a 2012 Asia Pacific Map which need the activation code,do you think you'll be able to crack it ? And how much would it cost?Also,if i can get a car that already have the map that's cracked ,would it be possible to extract the cracked file from the file. Appreciate your reply.
    mcphile ·
    Hi C99,
    Do you think you can do the channel adaptation for me if i can provide you my current adaptation value?
    mcphile ·
    Hi,i have read the forum and wonder if i can connect the wire as per the diagram,do you think you will be able to do the channel adaptation remotely using teamviewer for the 2012 A5 L.E.D Tail Light to work?
    egemen_karabulut ·
    hello I am curios I saw your picture at the forum. I also order the Chrome Looked Strips this week, and saw the picture of your. Nice look! thanks for the picture.. While I was looking the picture your xenon light seemed different than mine. Have you changed it.

    Thank you
    miskoos ·
    Hello I am from Slovakia do you speak czech? I have an idea with this issue i havent tried it yet. I would like to change the control panel from the audi without mmi navigation for one where the individual mode can be choosen. It should be possible with changing the right button. Please let me know if you have any news aout this. Thank you
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