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  • labpedro ·
    Hi chap,

    sorry for the impromptu unasked for message. I have an 08 A5 2.7 TDI and have both airbag lights illuminated. they have been like that since I bought it (stupid I know, but the garage knocked a little off due to that). Anyway, I have so far bought 3 code readers off ebay to try and read the codes off the airbag, but they wont connect and give a linking error.

    Anyway, I noticed from the Vagcom list that you have a vagcom/vcds system so I wondered if I could call up at some point to get the codes read and reset if possible on the airbag? It would also be great if I could get the satnav DVD ejected as the drive is locked so I cant remove the disc to put a new one in. I live in bedford and work in Milton Keynes, but can call up to northampton any day after I finish work on at a weekend? Can you let me know and a price please?

    A5_Shane ·
    Hi there

    I had a friend plug in his VDS into my A5 the other day and had a look at what could be changed. He changed a couple settings which are great however i would like some of them changing back. I believe there are some other settings that can be added/changed like the optical revering settings?

    Have you had any luck with this?

    I'm in Northampton so can pop over anytime.

    Bollox ·
    Hi Dan,
    You get my text the other day about sending me an E-mail so I can close this insurance shambles? I would appreciate your help here. Cheers, Alec
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