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  • Vagner Brito ·
    Good afternoon, I have an Audi A1 2011, the version I have in it is RMC_EU_P11096, I downloaded the mega files but, I did not find the pdf of instructions to install, could you send in my email if I have? [email protected] greetings.
    bguzelsoy ·
    PLEASE HELP !!!!

    I have Audi A5 2013 MMI 3G with P0612 fw and NAV 6.15.5


    I installed K0942_3 fw and installed without any problem!

    After that I have installed 3G navigation 6.24.2 also without problems and i did activation and it went well. FSC OK.

    But the problem is that the Navigation Data is not valid .. <---------- It is on the screen

    So navigation does not start.
    Hori ·
    Hi Adrian,

    I’m having an issue updating an Audi A6 2012.
    The FW : HN+R_EU_AU_P0660
    The MAP: did show anything, navigation didn’t work.

    1. I tried to update the FW to K900, and I’ve got an error that it was unable to install MapStyles, TMCConfig NAVI Persistence and 2 more.
    The FW changed to K900.
    2. I tired to update the FW to K942, same think happened.
    3. I tried to delete Navigation database and partition in the green menu the but it gave me also an error, that it was missing.
    4. I enabled the emergency update option and tried to reinstall the K942 FW, same error came up during the installation MapStyles, TMCConfig NAVI Persistence and 2 more.
    5. I also tried to update the MAP 6.26.1 navigation database but it stopped because the missing “MapStyles, TMCConfig NAVI Persistence”

    I have no more idea how can I solve the problem.

    Thank you for any hint.

    Kind regards,
    jaycasa ·
    hi Adrian, it is really good what you doing in this forum, i tried to download the files but i am finding it hard to do so as i have a mac, i don't have access to any other PC, me and my daughter are doing a road trip across spain and to morocco in two weeks and i don't know what version is my SAT NAV or software, is there any chance i can drive to you and get it done, if you can install it , i am happy to wait i the car until it is done .let me know if thats ok.i am available from next week Friday .
    my software version HNav_EU_K0031_3_D1
    Nav database version
    8R0060884E_ECE 5.8.5
    will appreciate any help
    Richard McCrae ·
    Hi Adrian, apologies for messaging you direct but I'm panicking a bit. lol.
    I've just followed the guide to the do the firmware update on my MMI 3G and all has gone well... apart from the fact I only installed the latest firmware 0257_6 instead of going through the sequence 0206/0253 etc.. I was on a very early firmware P0054_D1

    The update has worked OK and the version is now reported correctly... but I wanted to ask you as the author of the doc whether or not I got lucky and I am now at the right version or whether I have missed important updates in the 0206 and 0253 updates? I'm hoping the updates are cummilative and I can leave things as they are.

    Many thanks.
    olojukokoro ·
    Hello there Adrian,

    I see you are an experienced enthusiast. I am in a bit of a huge fix. I messed up to say the least. I currently have an early 2012 pre facelift A5 sportback diesel. I figured out it comes with an MMI 3g system and i attempted to update the software yesterday. Unfortunately, i forced through the wrong firmware and the system is bricked. All attempts to update using the right firmware has yielded nothing. theres no sound, no sat nav, climate display, even the clock resets when the engine goes off. My original software version was HNav_EU_P0054_D1. What are my options at this stage. I am in london and i am guessing you are located in Surrey. what can you do. Perhaps you are on whatsapp?

    looking forward to your reply and thanks in advance.

    Holyarme ·
    Hello Adrian,
    I have some problem really need your help, I brought a 2011 A5 which imported from Japan, when I tried to update my firmware and maps but wasn't successful because I got this every time I tried to do it:

    "A variant conflict occurred!
    Main Unit variant: 9309
    Release info variant 9307 9308"

    Does you know what I could do in this situation? Also when i try to update the map, the AUDI_MMI3G_AN always stands for N/A, btw i'm in New Zealand. Could you please help me to fix these problem? Thanks.
    Kind regards
    Joe Davidson ·

    I wonder if you can help me, I found your post by searching that fault code.

    It came up when I plugged my s4 into my friends SNAP ON machine. we subsequently cleared the fault code on the gearbox, went for a spirited drive and they didn't come back when we plugged it back in.

    Did you ever find out any more info.

    Obviuously very worried due the cost of these gearboxes....
    Rrichard ·
    Hello Adrian

    Hoping you can help me. I have 2010 RS5 I imported from outside Europe so consequently I do not have the UK maps. Do you have the maps and MMI update for this?

    Many thanks for any help

    markos807 ·
    Hello, I need help and I think that you can solve my problem. I want to update my Firmware to 0257_6 - 5th so I can put the latest maps 6.22.4 in my MMI 3G HDD unit, do I need to update all the firmwares to the last or I can only put the latest 0257_6 in the car using SD card? Here is my current version: Imgur: The most awesome images on the Internet . Thanks in advance!
    AstroMelly ·
    Hi Adrian

    I've been poring over the groups about a couple of issues I'd like to resolve with my 63 plate S5 Sportback.

    Firstly no TPMS enabled as standard. I've found loads of resources explaining how to enable TPMS via software using VCDS. As I understand it the main thing is to have the ABS unit type code 1AT, and not the ABS unit 1AS - my car has the 1AT type, but not Audi Hill Hold Assist. Any experience of this?

    Second issue is maps - I realise it's basically a 2 step procedure - update firmware, then install maps and finally activate. It's the activation that has me worried.

    I think I have MMI 3G plus - the manual states 'MMI Navigation System Plus'. My current FW version is HN+_EUAU3G_P0612 and my Nav database version is 8R0060884AR ECE 6.15.5. In the manual it states 04 / 13 for month and year of manufacture.

    Sorry for the rambling message I really hope you can help! Great work spreading the word on the forums by the way.

    Gren ·
    Hi Adrian sorry to keep pestering you but i would appreciate an answer mate...not sure if you have got my messages or not, being a silver surfer hope you can give me some leeway i am unsure the message box is working, I am a genuine newbie on here.

    Cheers Dave
    Pondlife ·
    Thanks for getting back to me Adrian, I'm in West London (Paddington).
    I'm happy to pay for the service, but I do object to the main dealer prices.
    If I read one of the posts correctly Audi will charge me £280 + vat.
    Do you know anyone that could help me?
    Pondlife ·
    Hi Adrian, can you help with a quick query please? I only have an iPad so I can't follow your thread on downloading the maps and firmware to upgrade my MMI (3G 'high') in my 2009 A4. Would this eBay item do the job?

    AUDI Q5, Q7 MMI 3G UPDATE SET + MAPs, MMI 3G HIGH (HDD), SET 2016 | eBay

    Many thanks
    ozinko ·
    hi adrian, sorry to bother you but i tried to update my maps on my audi a5 2011, i ve got the mmi 3g hdd, but have no idea why but when i update the files through the enginering mode, it shows me an ???? next to the maps , ive done the update from 2010 to 2014 a year ago all without problems but now it just dont work ,
    only thing that worked was the map styles from all the files on the sd card
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